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Jeff is a man who walks with purpose and approaches even the smallest task as a mission to be accomplished. A former U.S. Marine and master electrician, Jeff found himself where he never thought he would in a shelter with his son while his wife had to live in a separate shelter for women. Now Jeff is thriving as a full time maintenance tech in Alexandria, Virginia. Jeff is another life changed through Shelters to Shutters and our network of collaborative partners.

Meet Jeff

Odessa, Joe, Teco and EJ - If you met them today you would never know they endured a season of homelessness. Motivated, qualified and ready-to-work, these S2S participants are proving that they not only make great employees for the multifamily industry, but they also make those they work with great too. 

Ronnie decided to seek out a shelter and connected with a program for veterans. Ronnie made it clear from the start, he didn’t want a handout—he wanted to work. With his can-do attitude, his veteran representative knew Shelters to Shutters would be a good fit and could provide employment and housing.

Edward’s first step towards a new lifestyle was enrolling in a comprehensive addiction counseling program. He’d been in it for sixteen-months when one of his counselors told him about Shelters to Shutters and the opportunity to utilize his electrical and carpentry skills in the property maintenance industry. Even though Edward had been homeless and on the streets, he was handyman with lots of experience, making him a valued addition to the maintenance staff.  He has hit the ground running and has proven to be a reliable and valued employee.

As a homeless mother of two sets of twins under the age of 5, Odessa heard about a local shelter that could help keep families like hers together. It was her social worker that introduced her to Shelters to Shutters and let her know there were opportunities for qualified, hard-working people like her to start not only a new career, but a new life.


Before his struggle with homelessness, Joe was a successful Navy veteran who held a steady 13-year career as a machinist. But Joe struggled with drug addiction, one that cost him everything—his job, his relationships, and even his home. A local organization that assists homeless veterans noticed Joe and his commitment to recovery. This veterans service provider then recommended him for the Shelters to Shutters program.  Ideal candidates display a strong drive for employment, and Joe’s professional background fit the mold.

One of the first things you notice if you meet Teco is his warm and inviting smile. And these days Teco has a lot to smile about. He has a job that he loves as a full time maintenance tech in Charlotte, N.C. and a home for his wife and four children in one of the apartments on property.