Jeff is a man who walks with purpose and approaches even the smallest task as a mission to be accomplished.

A former U.S. Marine and master electrician, Jeff found himself where he never thought he would be…living in a shelter with his son while his wife had to live in a separate shelter for women. After working steadily and living in a town house in Alexandria, he found himself part of his company’s downsizing initiative. First the job loss hit, then unexpected family medical bills, and soon Jeff and his family were facing eviction.

Jeff told himself living in the shelter was like boot camp. He set his mind every day to finding a job and working hard to survive and get through this hard time for his family. Through the help of Jeff’s case management worker at The Carpenter Shelter, he was referred to the Shelters to Shutters program and we were able to successfully pair him with a great opportunity provided by our property management partner, Equity Residential.

Now Jeff is thriving as a full time maintenance tech in Alexandria, Virginia. Jeff is another life changed through Shelters to Shutters and our network of collaborative partners.

“I feel like I’m making a difference in the residents lives. That feeling of being needed makes me feel important.”