Our Vision

We seek to change the trajectory of those experiencing homelessness in our country by providing two critical components — housing and employment.


Annual Employee Retention Rate for Participants


Participants Receiving Wage Increases or Promotions


Success Rate of Participants Not Re-Entering Homeless Services

A Letter From Our CEO, Andy Helmer:


When an individual struggling to secure two of life’s biggest basic needs, stable housing and income, has the opportunity to earn both at the same time — it’s a dream come true.

Shelters to Shutters partners directly with apartment owners and operators to provide both full-time employment and affordable housing — making dreams a reality for participants that come through the program.

Our program finds high-quality, motivated candidates for our property management partners from a talent pool that otherwise gets overlooked because of the stigma often associated with homelessness. The reality is that 3.5 million Americans will experience homelessness over the course of a year, and of these, over 70% are situationally homeless. They have been in the workforce before, have marketable skills, but through a series of circumstances or bad luck, have found themselves without a home. They want to work and return to a life of self-sufficiency.

We believe that by leveraging partnerships with private sector companies and local non-profit service providers, we can make a material impact on the issue of homelessness facing this country; and we look forward to sharing the results with you, one success story at a time.