Our Model

How is a Shelters to Shutters Candidate Selected?

Refer Candidates

Local Non-Profit Partners

Local non-profit partners refer qualified individuals at risk of or experiencing situational homelessness to Shelters to Shutters. In return, they receive useful feedback and training.

Screen Candidates

Shelters to Shutters

Shelters to Shutters screens those candidates prior to referring them to property management partners across the country for employment opportunities and housing.

Hire Candidates

Property Management Partners

Property management partners then interview candidates for available positions in their communities. Those candidates hired through Shelters to Shutters are proven to have a higher retention rate than industry standard.

Flip the Script


Dedicated employees become self-sufficient, gain housing and employment, and cultivate a sense of pride and ownership. The S2S team remains involved during and after the transition, and provides ongoing case management support to ensure long-term success.